About OnBio

OnBio is a leading UK specialist in low carbon heater hire and the distribution of fossil free fuels for heating and power generation.

OnBio’s Founder, Tom Crooke, worked in the UK Film Industry as a Location Manager for 19 years before moving to work full time as Company Director at OnBio in 2018.  Tom set up OnBio in 2014 to encourage the take up of emerging renewable technology, reduce fuel consumption and show there were sustainable ways run plant machinery.

By running our workshop and marquee heaters on D100 Green Heat, as well as supplying renewable HVO for use in generators and plant machinery, OnBio aims
to help reduce our client’s reliance on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions and make a tangible difference to UK air quality.

As of March 2020, OnBio has helped TV, Film & Event Companies reduce their CO2 emissions by 2,951 tonnes.