Sustainable Festival Fuel

645 tons of CO2 saved by using OnBio workshop heaters

49 tons of CO2 saved by using OnBio Costume marquee heaters

41 tons of CO2 saved by running generators on Renewable Diesel

by running whole location set builds sites on Renewable Diesel

First large scale UK film to gain 3 star Albert certification

Helping Film Productions & Events Reduce Carbon Emissions

Ultra Low Carbon Site Machinery

OnBio is leading the way in enabling Film Productions and Event Companies to radically reduce their carbon emissions by running site plant on Renewable HVO.

Though our unique partnership with some of the industries’ leading generator hire companies OnBio is able to run generators, tower-lights & plant machinery on Renewable HVO, reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%.

OnBio Approved Supplier List:

Power Electric, Aggreko, Charles Wilson Hire, Loadgen, Stuart Power, Mark Gent Services, On Set Facilities, PWR-On, Location One, Supply 2 Location, MBI Sound & Light & Pholex.

OnBio Fuels

Why Use OnBio Fuels?

By switching from conventional diesel to Renewable HVO or D100 Green Heat, companies are able to radically reduce their carbon footprint without making any engine alterations.

Renewable HVO reduces CO2e emissions by up to 90%, is better for the environment, causes less pollution, and helps to improve air quality.

D100 Green Heat is a remarkable new fuel for use in industrial heating applications only. 100% sustainable, meets the standard for Class D heating oil and has a carbon saving of 94%.

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Free Telemetry Service

OnBio offers our clients a complementary fuel management service on all hires running on Renewable Diesel.

This enables us to deliver our fuel in the most efficient way possible, helping to further reduce carbon emissions and give our clients peace of mind.