Gallery of recent installations…

OnBio Tankers Gallery

OnBio Tankers

OnBio Van in Cornwall Gallery

OnBio Customer Service Vehicle

On tour in sunny Cornwall

OnBio Mini Tankers

Trotec 200kw on hire Gallery

Trotec 200kw on hire

Trotec on hire

Trotec 200kw on Hire

111kw heater on hire

111kw heater on hire

OnBio Pickup & Heater Trailer

OnBio Pickup & Heater Trailer

Marquee Cooling/Heating System

‘New clear layflat distributing cooling & heating to a 65m marquee’

007 Stage Cooling System

‘150kw AHU on set at Pinewood Studios’

Fuel Storage Tank

500kva running on Renewable Diesel to cool a feature film costume marquee during the unusually hot summer

Crowd Base Heating

Heating Costume & MakeUp marques at Greenwich

Studio Cooling System

Studio Cooling System

‘200kw chiller units keeping actors & crew cool at Leavesden Studios’